Production Process

 General Description

The condom is a highly effective method of birth control when used properly, and only a temporary method of contraception used by the men. The condom is also being widely used for prevention of venereal diseases. It has long been known that the condom can be effective in reducing the risk of venereal infection if used properly. Especially in these days, it is well known that the condom is the most effective way to prevent AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

All condoms are electronically tested at the manufacturing facility to ensure the highest quality level. This plant is designed to be capable of manufacturing products of the diverse specifications with our own technology, which has been complying with international standards such as ISO, WHO, ASTM, and other for more than 30 years.


1. Condoms must be dipped on high quality molds using quality
compounded latex and general level of cleanliness in the dipping room must be kept very high

2. All incoming air should be filtered to remove dust, if it is possible


1. Mingle latex removed from non-rubber solid through centrifuge and chemical is ground by sand grinder and then stir them slowly

2. The above latex and chemicals are heated in compounding tank at a certain temperature and for a certain period of time


1. The compounded latex is pre-aged at a certain temperature to the dipping level

Dipping Machine

1. The conveyor chain has glass molds shaped condom and is built in to form of an oval, The glass molds are dipped into pre-aged latex by rotating the conveyor chain continuously

2. The latex films being adhered on the molds are turned into the shape of condom by drying them in drying chamber with heat exchange system. The molds are dipped twice in the Dipping Machine strengthen the films

3. The films enter into the rolling brush apparatus for head rolling

4. The films after heads rolling are immersed in diluted solution with chemicals so as to take them off from glass molds easily

5. The films are taken off from the molds by water pressure or brush

6. Wash the molds without latex film by passing through 5 stages of washing process, and then the above-mentioned process from No. 1 to No. 5 are repeated

7. The films taken off from molds are stirred in water with powder hot up to a certain temperature for a certain period of time so as to remove the characteristics of stickiness between each film and also some residue chemicals and / or some impurities remained in the films

8. The films with powdering pass through dehydrating net and transfer to volcanize process


1. Put the films finished from the dipping process into the vulcanizer and let hot air blow the films dry them completely. After then, adjust their properties to the certain level

Electronical Testing

1. All condoms are required 100% electronical testing for pinhole. Beside it, all condoms also have physical inspection for external defects.

2. All condoms are worn on the conductive molds for its test. Electricity is given to the molds of condoms while they are passing in electrolyte solution. If there is a pinhole on a condom, the pinhole is detected by charging with electricity through the pinhole. The condom with pinholes is separated perfectly as a defective one and it is automatically destroyed

3. All condoms after test are dried in the drying chamber

4. All accepted condoms are rolled by roller brush


1. All accepted condoms are lubricated and sealed by square or rectangular shape with aluminum foils upon request

2. The sealed condoms are packed in different types of packaging such as 3 pieces case, 12 pieces case, and so on upon request of the client